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Welcome to the MeshCentral Community wiki!

If you landed here, you likely already know how amazing MeshCentral is. This site came about in an attempt to help the developers and the community with documentation. MeshCentral is under VERY active development, and new features and abilities are being added very quickly. The developers certainly keep busy! I am hoping that this resource will grow to help not only the community of users, but will help to take a little bit of a burden off of the developers and give them a hand

We are just getting started here, so there is a lot of work to be done, which means a lot of opportunities to jump in and share your knowledge and help make MeshCentral better for everyone!

I have added some basic verification to the registration page to help prevent spam accounts. This isn't much, but should be enough to keep most basic bot at bay. When you complete the registration, a verification link will be emailed to the address you provide. Once you verify your email address, a temporary password will be emailed separately. Log in and you should be all set to start editing or adding pages!

Once you have registered for an account, I would recommend starting off my looking at the wonderful Dokuwiki Syntax page for information about all of the formatting options available. If you are familiar with Markdown or the syntax used by other wiki platforms you should quickly find yourself at home.

Another option (which also does not require an account to do) is to just start looking at the page source for different pages around the site. That is often the quickest way to see how an editor managed to do some particular formatting.

For those who wish to contribute, but are not comfortable with markdown or text based editing, I have included the CKGEdit plugin, which provides a nice WYSIWYG editor and can handle most any article editing needs. If you are seeing the WYSIWYG editor, and prefer to use the default (text based) Dokuwiki editor instead. Just you will see a DW Edit button at the bottom of the editing window. Click this button and you will be returned to the article you were working on. The next time you click “Edit” you will be taken to the Dokuwiki default editor. If you are seeing the text based editor and would prefer the WYSIWYG editor, you will find a “CKG Edit” button at the bottom of the edit window, which behaves the same way described above and will switch you to the WYSIWYG editor. Your preferences should be remembered across sessions.

This wiki doesn't have any official ties to MeshCentral or the developers. For the final word, you should always rely on the official sources.

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